Online translation services provides companies and individuals with an array of online translation services.

The originality of the concept, besides providing on line services, is to employ a team (no more than a hundred) of duly selected freelance consultants. An opportunity for teleworkers with an expertise in translation, who can additionally offer their being immersed in the very culture of the public the translation is designed for.


A very interesting book by one of the most famous specialists in cross cultural management.

Trailing spouses employment abroad

The Permits foundation run in 2008 an extensive survey with more than 3300 expatriates from 122 countries. The results of this survey are now available: summary of the survey's results

The survey provides most useful figures describing the spouses' attitude and situation regarding employment abroad: as shown in the herebelow illustration, expatriation induces an important change for the partners as their professional status is concerned. 

The in-depth analysis of expatriation partners'needs ans motivation shows that resuming a professional active remains at the heart of their expectations:

Lukewarm welcome for homecoming expats

Coming back home after a few years or a long period on expatriation is anything but simple. A recent study from ECA (Managing Mobility Report 2008) shows that employers are unwilling to commit on long term job prospects towards assignees abroad.

One common difficulty reported by HR when repatriating expats would be limited career opportunities.

There is not much preparation in the repatriation process: less than 40% of (HR)respondents say they are identifying possible positions for returning expatriates. Over 50% start discussing new assignment opportunities less than 6 months before the end of the expatriation.

Expatriates often complain they feel left out and their experience abroad is under estimated. When coming back home they are often proposed positions they consider a career regression. As a result, they may end resign or negociate their departure. A big talent management failure if we consider the loss of money and knowledge compared to the amount invested in the expatriation process.

EPWN Job hunting seminar

The annual event of the EPWN - European Professional women's Network- in France will take place on June 13th. I will have the pleasure to run a short seminar on "job hunting abroad".  


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