You are a (future) expatriate?

Check on your  motivations


You can use this quiz as a mere base of reflexion. The questions, open or closed, have no other intention than to be thought provoking.

You can also download the questionnaire on a pdf format. A recommended option if you wish to keep a record of your thought at this stage of your expatriation project, and furthermore if you want to transmit it to a friend or to a councelor.

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NB: octr signifie "our contribution to reflexion"



What do you think of the country where you are planning to go ?





1 - How appealing is the host location?

  • very
  • Not at all
  • Well, there would be much to say...


Finding a country appealing or not depends on your own taste and expectations. Some countries may seem naturally attractive. Others require a second thought. When in the country, you can also be surprised: some countries with poor glamour reputation can reveal more fulfilling than others with postalcard look.

Daily life

2 - Do you have a good representation of how daily life might be in your host country?

  • Maybe
  • Absolutely not
  • I don't know


The expatriation experience cannot compare with a voyager's impressions. While tourists are just spending short stays in a foreign country, in a perpetual discovering mode, expatriates have to settle and immerge in the local environment. He is to actually live in the host country and deal daily with it's inhabitants, resources and constraints.


3 - How do you figure out your future local lifestyle ?

  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Average


It is essential to be conscious of one's images and representations. Sharing ideas with others can be a good way to reduce the gap between unrealistic expectations and the situation once on expatriation.



How does the expatriation present in terms of career ?




Career booster

4 - Is this expatriation supposed to be a career booster?

  • It's an opportunity to seize
  • It's rather an obligation
  • I don't know


If your decision is still pending, and especially if it is difficult take, it might be important to check whether the fact of going abroad actually represents a career opportunity.

Expatriation are often very interesting career opportunities. But sometimes the career wins to expect do not balance the constraints and difficulties generated by mobility, notably for the family.

Do you have the choice?

5 – Do you have the choice ?

  • Yes
  • Good question
  • I don't know


The question is obviously superfluous when you are enthusiastic with the expatriation opportunity. Be sure that the very prospect of going abroad doesn't blind you on its constraints. After all, an opportunity can always hide another.


9 - What are you expecting from of this professional experience overseas ?

  • The opportunity to work with foreigners
  • Speaking english, or another language
  • Have responsibilities
  • Manage multicultural teams
  • ...



And for your family,

Which stakes, constraints and opportunities are implied by this  expatriation?





Your spouse

6 - to what extent is it a constraint for your spouse career ?

  • The constraint is manageable
  • It's not a problem
  • This is a key question.


It' better to clarify the situation rapidly.Certain career are easily exportable, others are not and expatriation will equate to put it into brackets. For those in fast track careers, the challenge is to maintain momentum while on mobility. The good news is that expatriation can also offer unique opportunities.

The children

10 - How do your children react ?

  • What about our friends. Will they come to see us?
  • What language do they speak?
  • Fabulous !


Living abroad is a project for the whole family. There is much to gain for everyone, but the expatriation experience can also be very challenging.


Development opportunities


Which development opportunities is this expatriation offering ?



Foreign languages?

11 - Is expatriation an opportunity to learn new languages ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Just a few words

 One of the most obvious gain from expatriation, when applicable, is the opportunity to practice and eventually master a foreign language.

Conditions of expatriation


What do you think of your package and of its various elements ?