Hong Kong


Geographical situation:

  • Area: 1.102 Km2

Map of Hong Kong


  • Special Admistrative Region (SAR) of Popular China
  • Chief executive: Sir Donald Tsang, since June, 25th 2005


  • Currency: Hong Kong dollar
  • GNP (2009): 210 700 millions US$
  • GNP/inhabitant (2006): 36 500 US$ (2009): -2,7%
  • Growth rate (2009):4,1%


  • Population (2009):6 800 000 inhabitants
  • Etnic chinese represent 90% of the population. Half of the population lives in Kowloon or on Hong Kong island.


  • Cantonese and english. Mandarin, progressively introduced in schools, is spoken by a third of the population.


  • All great religions are present: Buddhism, Christianism, Hinduism, Muslim, Taoism

More informations on Hong Kong:


A french guide S'installer à Hong Kong published by the French Economic Representation and available for download.








29th August 1842- Nanjing Treaty (end of Opium war). Hong Kong is ceded to Great Britain.

9th June 1898- Beijing Treaty granting Great Britain a 99 years lease on new territories (Kowloon and 236 islands offshore)

1st July 1997- All of Hong Kong are restituted to China. Hong Kong becomes a special administrative region (SAR) from Popular China. Besides from Foreign Affairs and Defense, which are of the central power's responsibility, Hong Kong continues to enjoy a large economic autonomy. The liberal socio-economic system of Hong Kong is maintained for a period of 50 years.

Executive power is exerted by a Chief executive. Hong Kong has its own government with 14 ministers and an Executive Council (Exco). Laws and budget are voted by the Legislative Council whose members are partly elected and partly on a professional ground.


Practical life

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