Indonesia is an archipel with more than 17500 islands (6000 being uninhabited). The largest islands are Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papuasia and Java, where 70% of the population is living. Indonesia is sharing the New Guinea Island with Papuasia New Guinea and 2/3 of Borneo Island with Malaysia and Brunei.

Indonesia has been a large commercial trade area since the 7th Century, when trade relations were first established with China. It's history has been marked by foreign influences: indian, muslim and european. First trade relations with China. Indonesia was a Dutch colony during 3 centuries and a half. It became independent after World War II.

With 240 millions inhabitants, Indonesia is the fourth most populated country after China, India and the United States. It also represents the country with the largest muslim population.

Geographical situation:

  • Area: 1.919.440 km2

Map of Indonesia


  • Parliamentary Republic
  • President: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
  • Capital: Jakarta
  • National day: August 17th
  • Symbol:


  • Currency: Rupiah(IDR)
  • PIB: 510.800 Millions $
  • PIB/hab: 3.900 $
  • Growth rate:  5,5% (2007)
  • Unemployment rate (2008):8,2%


  • Population (2009):240.271.522 inhabitants


  • The official language is Bahasa Indonesia, deriving from malay. Bahasa indonesia is used by a large majority of indonesians but co-exists with numerous dialects such as Javanese.


  • Bouddhism, Hinduism, Islam

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