Malaysia counts amongst the countries having enjoyed the strongest economic growth in recent years. It has thus joined the highly selective Asian tigers Club. Although the country was not saved from periods of recession in 1997 and in 2008, the potential of it's economy remains exceptional and it's fundamentals are excellent. Malaysia is remarkable for it's political stability. The economy is free and open. The country's infrastructures are recent and very good.

Although the Malaysian economy was traditionally turned on agriculture and mining, the country has , since the 80's, invested a lot to develop its manufacturing capabilities and it's services sector. Together those segments contribute nowadays to 90% of the GNP.

Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC)

In order to take advantage of opportunities offered by new technologies, Malaysia is implementing an ambitious program: the multimedia super corridor. Publicly financed, the MSC provides companies and individuals with a comprehensive virtual environment: high technology, telecommunication and logistics.

The MSC statute provides companies with access to a set of tax and tariffs advantage. It guarantees free ownership, facilitates financing and the recruitment of any local or foreign experts. In 2007, 700 multinational companies had obtained the MSC Status.

Buoyant sectors

Malaysia manufactures a large variety of goods: car industry, equipments, semi-conductors, microchips and computers, video... It also holds strong positions in electronics and in the production of palm oil and rubber.

Malaysia has started recently to develop outsourcing.

The most dynamic sectors are Information Technology, financial services (malaysia aims to develop a hub for financial products in Asia), tourism, building and bio-technologies.

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