Check list

Things to do before leaving

Going abroad starts with an impressive list of things to do. There are many things that are easy to settle when in the country and turn to headaches when distance adds it's magic powder to the situation.

Identity documents

Go through the expatriation package

  • Check the status
  • Check health  insurance?
  • What about pension plan/ what kind of problems might arise in the future because of lack of contributions. What can be implemented?
  • Insurances: which insurance is provided by employer? what is covered and to what extent?
  • The spouse professional situation: how does the company deal with spouse's career expectations?
  • Spouse's pension plan: is there a specific plan.
  • School- Tuitions fees: who is paying what?
  • Taxes: which system applies. Is there any support to fill the annual tax report
  • Salary package 

School registration



Car, driving license



  • Tell your bank you are going abroad, since your non resident status may have an impact on financial fees...


  • Check your status regarding home country taxes


  • Estimates
  • Selection
  • Goods inventory for insurance purposes
  • Terminating utility contracts: electricity , water, gas, telecom, internet,…


  • Change of adress and reexpedition

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