Health & vaccination


Going on expatriation implies changes that may have an important impact on medical surveillance, current treatments, their cost and the level of their coverage (Further details on coverage conditions in the social coverage section of the guide).

In such conditions it proves useful to have a check up prior to the departure and to organize a regular follow-up for family members.

For those currently undergoing a treatment, it is very important to get information on how the treatment can be continued locally.

Medical Emergency Kit. When local medicine and hospitals are rare, the possession of a medical emergency kit may sometimes save a life. This kit, sold in pharmacy, usually contains sterile needles, compresses, sutures, sterile Band Aids ,etc...


Depending on the country you are heading for, certain vaccinations might be compulsory and others strongly recommended by medical staff. In the European Union or in North America, where sanitary conditions are comparable to those in France, it is simply recommended to check if the basic vaccinations are updated.

In other geographic zones, it is the country’s sanitary state that rules. Vaccination against yellow fever is "compulsory" in Africa and tropical America. Other risks to be prevented: cholera and rabies. In epidemic zones (Maghreb, Sahel and Middle East), it is necessary to be protected from the meningococcus A+C and meningitis A+C.

Repatriation insurance

In so called “difficult regions”, from the hygiene and security point of view, repatriation insurance is compulsory. In other regions it is only recommended.

The standard for expatriates is to get cover in the medical field: advance for medical expenses, sending of drugs, repatriation, secondment of a person for replacement... Just by a simple phone call, 24h / 24h, the assistance company should be able to take care of everything, until the problem is settled.

Beyond repatriation, services provided by the assistance company should include sending a medical team on site, providing drugs that cannot be found on site, logistical support (breakdown services, …) and legal assistance.

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