Housing: finding a place

Housing abroad is of great importance __. When living in an non familiar environment, your home is the place to recharge one’s batteries, where the country’s influences mix with all the things you have brought with you. The choice of a new housing is therefore an essential element of your actual local living conditions.

The difficulty is that finding the top place is anything but obvious. How to locate the perfect house or apartment, when one’s doesn’t know the town, the specificties of its districts, its particular constraints, the location of key places such as the international school,…?

It sometimes start with difficulties figuring out distances : reading a town map, certain places may seem close when not, or far when actually only at walking distance.

Time and distance act regularly as major constraints on home search in the expatriation country. How to make a search when living hundreds of kilometres away. When the exploration trip exists, it is often very short. When it is of the expatriate responsibility to find a place while starting on his new job, the challenge is all the more important.

In such conditions, it is recommended, when possible, to rely on relocation or real estate agencies to do the searching for you. The support they provide will save time and prevent from making ill choices or bad negociations. In the case of relocation agencies, services may include school registration, local formalities and support during the adaptation period.

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