Housing: leaving one's place

Leaving one’s place

Shortened lease resiliation notice period.

It is advisable to check wether professional mobility is considered, in your home country, an exceptional circumstance enabling the tenant to give notice with a shortened delay. This precaution will allow tenants not to give notice when their actual departure is still insecured.

Calendar : beware of delays.

International movings lead to unused delays. By sea movings take time and one can be deprived of his furniture, owning and clothing during several weeks before the departure. It it can be avoided, it can be better not being obliged to camp in an empty apartment. When the moving takes place in summer, holidays can help make the junction.In other cases, family and friends are much sollicitated: it isn’t always comfortable, but it tastes already the ambiance of departure. …

Owner : selling or renting ?

Unfortunately, there are neither good nor bad answer.It can be considered useful to keep an identified place to return to at the end of the expatriation.Children can be particularly sensitives to such an anchor. Keeping an estate in one’s home country can be a way to maintain the link. On a financial point of view, recent years experience has shown that, with a fast growing real estate market (which is to checked nowadays), those who chose to sell were not necessarily well inspired.

If you choose to rent, pay attention to the conditions of your reinstallation when returning from expatriation : It would be very frustrating not being able to go back to your place because it is not available when you need it.Don’t forget also that renting one’s home might not be an easy business. There are lots of small difficulties that arise during a lease time, taking unusual proportions just because you reside hundreds of kilometers away. It is wise to ask an agency to run the whole thing for you. While it may be expensive, it will guarantee your serenity.

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