International moving is a matter that should be untrust to professionals expert in long distance moving and customs formalities. It is recommended to choose a company that is part of an international network, and that will be able to take care of all aspects of the moving process from the point of departure to your new place in the expatriation country.

International movings sometimes induce long delays. They are to be taken into account when choosing the clothing you will keep in your hand luggages.

For international movings, plane is used for small volumes (less than 5 m3). In that case, rapidity is secured but costs are much higher.

Above 5 m3, the moving is done by sea, and delays extend considerably: Between 3 to 4 weeks from France to the eastern cost of the United States; from 6 to 8 weeks to Japan.

When moving is paid by the employer, the standard is to ask for 2 estimates. When the moving company representative comes to your house to assess the volume and the objects needing particular care, it is essential to be precise about your expectations. If you know the new place configuration, it is better to mention it so that surplus fees can be avoided on arrival locally.

All your belongings must be listed and valued for insurance purposes. You will also have to make a list of all items included in the shipment and particularly of items such as alcohol, video,… which can be subject to censorship or additional custom taxes in the host country.

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