Dualexpat becomes Equipaje

In the last 3 years, we have been working on developping the Dualexpat platform, dedicated to expatriation in Asia, providing online resources, services and collaboration tools. We have been enriching contents and have elaborated customized support services to expatriates and spouses, which gave us the pleasure to accompany a number of our members in this beautiful adventure of expatriation.  On the other hand, the collaborative part of the platform didn't reach up to our expectations.

Based on this assessment, we have decided to merge the activities of Dualexpat (accompaniment of mobility) with those of Equipaje (HR development & coaching), on a unique platform, which henceforth gives an open access to all news, country files, guides and news on professional mobility in Asia, and relies on linkedin and viadeo for the collaborative aspects.

Equipaje,RH Nomades specialises in developping people and organizations in Asia

Our services:

Why Equipaje? Becacuse this term, mixed with spanish, symbolises altogether the journey, the team and the project.

Why RH Nomades (Nomadic HR)? Because the ambition is to enliven Human Resources in today's environment,highly characterized by nomadism, be it for mobility per se, for the cross cultural composition of teams, or for the increasing use of collaboration tools 2:0. Our wish is to support companies in being part of  HR transformations.


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