The new frontiers of management

With this study, we focus on « nomadic managers» as key actors of companies' international development.

Who are these "nomadic managers"? They are managers who are generally covering a large geographical area. As their team are set up in various countries, they have to set up customized management techniques to deal with the remoteness, and sometimes isolation, of  their collaborators. They often deal with multicultural challenges. They are themselves highly mobile (from frequent travels to expatriation) and make an extensive use of mobile & collaborative tools.

Objectives of the study:

  • Understand and describe the nomadic managers' working conditions and techniques, particularly with regards to remote people management, mobility and the use of technology. ;
  • Identify what are the companies' perceived stakes associated with "nomadic management", and to which extent it leads to the development of specific policies and practices;
  • Elaborate a global framework for the development of "nomadic practices" and the optimization of nomads' management.


  • Interviews of executives
  • Realization of corporate case studies.

Duration: 2012

Expected output:

  • Publishing of (nomadic managers) portraits on this website
  • Writing of a book on "nomadic managers".

You are interested by this study and wish to take part to its completion?

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