Resume- CV

The resume or CV must be adapted to the expatriation country's standards. A powerful resume is supported by a clear project and an easily readable presentation.

The CV must be driven by an ambition

Which message do you want to convey? Which career track do you want to emphasize? A powerful CV starts with clearly indicating what you are looking for and the particular skills, you have developped, that can support this project. Try to focus on concrete elements and realizations according to the cultural habits that prevail: do not hesitate to talk about results and figures in the United States, remain cautious in less individualistic countries such as Japan or France.

CV format

A CV should not exceed 2 pages. Information can either be presented in chronological order(France...) or the opposite (last job first as in the United States). You may choose between both presentations depending on what you want to communicate: the most important information in the first part of the document, which is the most likely to be read.  Be careful in the United States not to mention your age, origin, sex or family situation. Be aware that more than often, CV are first screened by computer selection softwares. Prior to have a chance to be read by a recruiter, your Cv has to engage in a multiple hurdles race where it can be eliminated, regardless of its originality and of your uniqueness, based on the application of predetermined criteria. The first rule is thus to present a CV which is compatible with such an automatic process. The second is to make sure that all key pieces of information are presented in a way they will be recognized by the computer and succesfully matched with the selection criteria..

  • You can graciously check online your CV IT compatibility on the website: test de votre CV en ligne (in French).

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