Your career track

Describe your career track:

Try to revisit each step of your career track from your first job up to now. You can help yourself with all kind of documents that you would have kept: do not limitate to headlines (job title) but describe the activities, tasks and projects that you have realized.

Whenever possible, try to remember how you felt in each step (images, emotions, sensations…). Write the reasons that motivated each career move.

Draw your curb of satisfaction:

At each career stage, explain the ups and downs of your motivation with a graphic. Try to emphasize what equated to summits (high motivation) or valleys (low motivation). Comment on each of them. Each piece of comment will provide you with additional perspective that will be useful for your career choices in the future.

Describe your profession

Try to do it as spontaneously and down to earth as possible. Assess the prequisites for that profession in terms of experience, knowmedge, personality ...

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