In a recent survey conducted by the "Maison des Français", 89% of expatriates (of those participating to the survey) had a job. As dual career couples are concerned, more than two thirds were said to work. Those results, besides their being considering only French expatriates, are rather encouraging. But they shouldn't hide the reality which is that working abroad is not an easy business, especially in times of ecomic difficulties. It is highly recommandates to expatriation candidates to make in depth job market research, prior to discard everything and set up on expatriation.

Whenever possible, it is obviously much more preferable to leave with a job in hand or with serious prospects. Betting on rapid success in looking for a job locally is hazardous and drives more than often to frustrating prematurated come back. There are no one best way though and, depending on applicants personality, their family situation and their field of expertise, lots of scenarii can be envisaged.

Getting out of crowded paths

Expatriation provides with an extraordinary opportunity to go out from one's usual career track, and consider trying for some time a new profession, a new environment for one's expertise, or a freelance activity. The key element is to identify and take advantage of the unique local opportunities. In the new environment, your most attractive skills can be different than the usual you had been building your career on. Expatriation can be a time for turning back to hobbies, old fields of passion or put aside business venture ideas, as foundations for new ventures and challenges.

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