Your motivations

Looking for a job can be related to various motivations: professional, career, financial, social, occupational.... It is key to understand what they are essentially, in order to focus on sheer objectives and enlarge the array of possibilities.

When looking for a job, one should take a few moment and step back, considering why, in his/her current situation, he or she wants to resume a professional activity. The risk of not understanding one's own motivation are either to remain too global in the job search or to underestimate one's needs. One can waste his/her energy or miss real opportunities, just because he/she doesn't actually know what he/she is looking for.

Take a few minutes to consider the following question: what is my primary need in looking for a job?

Am I primarily motivated by :

  • financial consideration? Is my income key to meet both ends or to balance the family budget? Is the fact of earning my life a condition for feeling autonomous?...
  • maintaining social bonds that only a job can offer? work place is indeed a unique place for social interactions and a vector for integration, especially abroad.
  • my profession- the need and/or desire to exert it?
  • career: how to boost my career? How to avoid CV holes,...?
  • skills development opportunities?
  • status?

Of course, your choices can be of various natures. the question is not to put your job search in a category box. The aim is to distinguish what is truly essential from what is not.

A job overseas, what for?

Depending on your answers and on the local job market, you will enjoy a panel of solutions that might well add other options, such as creating your own job (freelance activity), volunteering or registering to training sessions. 


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