Your pitch

The pitch, or elevator speech, refers to a brief yet powerful presentation of yourself that you can deliver anytime you get the opportunity to do so.

Let's just imagine your dream job. Your future boss is here, waiting next to you for the elevator to carry him to his office at the top of a business tower. You step in the elevator's cabin together. You have this unique opportunity to catch his attention and sell your project to him in less than a minute. What do you tell him. Do the test with a stop watch, 60 seconds elapse very rapidly.
Odds are very low that you should ever have the opportunity to be interviewed in an elevator. It is nevertheless essential to have prepared a presentation script in order to make such a presentation in 1 to 3 minutes. Insist on the 2 to 3 points (not more), you would like your auditor to remember. Make sure your message is clear and concrete.

If looking for a job in the US, be aware that the selection process actually works at each stage. A first call is not only a way to connect and fix an appointment, it is a way to check basic relevance of your application to the selection criteria and can rapidly lead to a dead end if your answers are not convincing enough.

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