Finding a job in Singapore

Even in a period of international economic difficulties, Singapore remains a very attractive place. More than 4000 MNC's have established their regional Headquarters in Singapore. The Health and life sciences sector, IT and telecommunications, to quote a few, are still busy recruiting. In the banking sector, the outlook is paradoxically relatively positive due to the relocation in Singapore of finnacial firms and talents from the US and Great Britain.


Job hunting in Singapore


There are no particular format for the CV in Singapore. The American influence is though perceptible. A clue is to culturally adapt the CV content depending on the targeted company's origin and culture. It is essential to take care of the presentation (simplicity and lisibility), to concentrate on achievements rather than merely describing “held positions”, and, above all, to be cristal clear about your professional projects and the job you are looking for.

Compensation & benefits

Tips for negotiating the compensation & benefits package. As housing prices have been sky rocketing recently, housing allowance is an essential aspect to take into account while negociating an expatriation package. Company car is also an important point. Although public transports are very good and taxis are cheap, having one’s own car remains a must to go here and there in Singapore. In contradiction on what can be read in various guides, cars are not seldom in Singapore. The overall automotive park is only watch with much attention.


It is useful to know that employers are not obliged to offer any kind of severance plan to their employees. Severance package is therefore to be negotiated in the work contract. The work contract is allthemore important that labour laws in Singapore only applies to employees earning less than 1600 S$. In case of dispute, the work contract is the only document to be referred to.

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