Advantages of teleworking

Teleworking can be a particular, yet excellent, way to develop one’s own activity or to maintain relations with one’s former employer.

Although not yet fully developed in Europe, teleworking is gaining momentum and meet a constantly increasing demand from professional who want to work on a different basis and expect a better personal and professional life balance. Teleworking is common in The United States and American trailing spouses are naturally advised, when looking for a job abroad, to check with their (former) employer whether a position can be held on a remote basis. What applies to Americans, applies for other nationalities. Teleworking might need stronger skills of persuasion in certain country. But it’s always a working alternative.

* What characterizes teleworking is work not being achieved in the companie’s premises ( employer or client). When teleworking is organized within a country, it usually works with an alternance of in house and teleworking activities. But this latter compromise is not conceivable in the case of expatriates who are living abroad and supposedly have chosen a teleworking activity because they cannot work or would have had no client locally.

* Let’s recognize it bluntly, the remote situation is a constraint : professional relations are much easier to carry on when occasional meetings can be organized so that people can deal face to face. On second thought, couldn’t we say that such a situation occurs in fact very frequently in our companies, even though it has nothing to do with teleworking? Working with subcontractors, with suppliers or international subsidiaries, implies daily exchanges that are managed on a distant basis. Individuals themselves are already well trained in dealing with banks, administration and even supermarkets on internet.

* Owing to the teleworking constraints, it is essential to determine what can be done or not in order to facitate interconnexions with one’s client or employer. Will it be possible to make some trips to meet the client or to participate to key meetings? Is there any way to being mobile inside a regional zone ?...

* In certain circumstances, where teleworking might seem unapropriate, specific organizations or partnerships can be designed in order to lift obstacles. When, for example, it is key to maintain close relations with a customer, it remains possible to concentrate on back office operations, or to work in connexion with other consultants that will manage the customer relation.

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