Find clients

Once the product or service offer has been developped, one has to identify potential clients, promote his products and/or services and eventually get orders.

As in any selling or Job hunting process, one has to define a strategy and multiply its prospecting canals.

  • word of mouth
  • prescriptors
  • sales prospecting
  • advertising

Obviously, we don’t all have equal commercial expertise. Some consultants may feel much at ease with selling. Others can be more reluctant. They have never experiment the selling posture, unless when job hunting. They may feel awkward and anxious with that particular aspect of freelance business. And it’s a sad lesson from experience that some bright ideas can vanished because their creator was not able to send them.

To put it bluntly, one has just poor chances to succeed if he is not ready to go on selling his freelance activity, and only think about developing it via mail, internet and advertising.

But do freelance have to be themselves super sellers to be successful? Freelance workers often have enough things to learn, not to run after excellence in all aspects of his activity. Savvy consultants do know to concentrate on their expertise and find ways to rely on others for what they are underqualified.

If one doesn’t feel prospecting and selling aggressively, he can choose not to work totally on his own, but working as a contractor or within a cluster. He can work with prescriptors, develop it’s network or create partnerships…

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