Teleworking IntroductionFor expatriates spouses wo are travelling extensively, without knowing how long they will stay in a location nor to which country they will ultimately be heading for, teleworking may well be a solution to maintain a professional relation or to create one's own activity, independent from the location and that can be carried from a country to the other.

In Dualexpat, we are strong believers of this new way of working. Teleworking offers many advantages, not only with regard to mobility but also as a life choice. When implemented correctly, teleworking may represent the ideal way to succesfully build a nomadic career.

But teleworking has also it's constraints and difficulties. One has to be well aware of them. The ambition of this guide is to offer a 360° perspective on teleworking and to pave the way for mobile professionals to envision a more open and creative career path.


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