Dreams of Success

Coaching of Young Adults

The way to a meaningful career is multiple. For each individual, opportunities and constraints, motivations and objectives are different. It is often a matter of choice, timing and perspectives.

Working with a coach is a choice. The choice to rely on the support of a trustful person to achieve your objectives. Taking the opportunity to step back in order to better address a situation or fix a decision, providing yourself with the means to progress or to implement your projects.

Working with a coach

The coach is a person who has been duly trained to help you. He adapts himself to the situation about which you are looking for answers. He offers you a customized approach to achieve that. Working with a coach is the surest way to do such a work in a trustful, benign and structured framework.

Choosing to work with us

Individual coaching is provided by Bertrand Fouquoire. A certified Coach, trained at CESA(HEC),  CEMAP (Paris Mediation Centre), and the Gregory Bateson Institute (IGB), Bertrand grounds his coaching practice on the extensive experience he had in HR as well as an entrepreneur, in France and abroad.


A first meeting to analyse your need. A reflexion on the objective to achieve and pertinent indicators. The number of meeting is determined during the first meeting. Each meeting lasting 1H or 1H30. At least one meeting per month ; no more than one meeting per week. Coaching is proposed on face to face or by skype.   

Our domains of expertise:

EXPATRIATION: successful expatriation, succeed in one’s new job/position overseas, accompanying one’s spouse overseas, create one’s own activity abroad, teleworking, promoting your experience abroad, manage the return...

INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT : manage a team, remote management, organization, controlling stress and anxiety, communicate...

NEW ORIENTATION:  take a tep back to reflect, change company,  move to another profession, go on expatriation, work differently (teleworking, self employment, part time, multi-activities)...

YOUNG ADULTS: which career to embrace? How to change one’s initial orientation ? building a project, training, creating a company, launching a social business, artistic venture… expatriation, discovering the work environment ( internship or first job)...


Contact us

Bertrand Fouquoire

Cell: +33 (0)6 4966 8975

Skype (pondoi)

email: bertrand.fouquoire@equipaje.fr

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