Our story

Equipaje was created in 2003, back from an expatriation in the United States. With a 15 years HR experience within large companies, I made the move to consulting with the idea of providing companies with the support of a sheer HR expertise, pragmatic & efficient, engaged into action.

From 2003 to 2007, Equipaje has been supporting small and large companies through missions of organization, restructuring, individual and team development.

From 2007 on, We have been engaged in developing, with Dualexpat, an integrated framework (collaborative platform, online resources and services) to accompany the mobility of employees and their spouses overseas; this project coinciding, for me, with an installation in Singapore.

In 2012, we have decided to merge the activities of Equipaje (HR consulting) and Dualexpat (Support to international mobility), regrouping both on a single platform, which henceforth provides a free access to all guides and Asian country files that we have developped

Equipaje RH Nomades, (Managing distance & mobility) has now the ambition to enliven HR management within a environment that is largely characterized by it's nomadism, be it through the generalization of international mobility, through the cross cultural dimension of teams and work territories, or through the ever increasing and highly transformative use of collaborative tools in the workplace. Our wish is to be, with you and for you, engaged spectators of HR transformations, now and in the near future.

Bertrand Fouquoire

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