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An article from Dr Joanne Zhang on developing your mentoring skills, in China International Business. Emphasis on developing mentors'coaching skills ( advising, role modelling and consulting are most of the time part of mentor's comfort zone. Knowing how to help mentees without giving advice is often counterintuitive and challenging) and on building the alliance between mentors and mentees.

In Calypso consulting, an article describing the metizo consulting approach of mentoring in 3 steps:

  • IDEAL: Identity, Dreams (how the mentee sees his future), Enterprise (goals), Achievements, Learning
  • SCORE: a 720° evaluation (1 Professional 360° and a Personal 360°)- A review of strenghts and concerns, opportunities and constraints.
  • PEP: Personal Enterprise Plan, with dual emphasis on professional and personal lifestyle dimensions. Whenever there is a conflict between personal dreams and aspirations and professional objectives, there is a good opportunity for the mentor to guide the mentee to resolve the dilemmas.


Essec Global MBA mentoring program

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